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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Music

Ok free music it is....... In this post will be in three sections.streaming,downloading onto your computer and getting it into ITunes.


If you are looking for a site you can only listen to when you have Internet groovshark is the best.

Plus: it has basically every song on ITunes. Also it takes no room on your computer.

Downside: you can only play your music when you have Internet.


If you are looking for a legal sIte that you can listen to when you don't have Internet Imesh is for you.

Plus:you have you music on your computer with no Internet

Downside: takes lots of space on computer. Two hardto put onto your iPod ( but it can be done)

Putting it on ITunes

If you are trying to put music on your iPod Esnips is for you.

Plus:You get the music on your IPod for FREE!!!!!

Downside: they don't have every song you are looking for.

Please if you have any questions just comment.

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